Better Together

Save Money, Time, and Worry when you let CED pair your motors and essential components.

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Plug and Play LED Lighting

plug and play lighting

Dive into the world of lighting with NEMA through Government regulations and insights in the new world of lighting.

This new type of lighting offers

  • High efficiency over 100 for fluorescent
  • Up to 5 year warranty
  • High energy savings from LED technology
  • Long life driving maintenance costs
EATON Lighting Focusing On Industrial

EATON Lighting

EATON Lighting, previously Cooper Lighting and Crouse Hinds, is now focusing on industrial and creating the resources and product to support it.

By doing this they will

  • Commit to energy efficient
  • Maximize incentive opportunities
  • Simplify project specifications
RA Interactive Integrated Architecture Wall Tool

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 3.45.18 PM

Rockwell Automation has created an interactive tool for touch-screens. It works on any browser on computers and works on tablets vertically well. It also works on phones, but the size isn’t correct so it takes a lot of scrolling. For more information visit

A Circuit Tester for Twist-Lock

  • For Testing the Wiring Condition of Receptacles and Connectors.
  • Quickly diagnose mis-wiring situation or application.
  • Great for dark, difficult to reach spaces.
  • No measurement readings to interpret.